Hold Up! Did Lyrica Anderson Destroy The Love & Hip Hop Storyline While Quitting The Show?

  • August 30, 2018
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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality star, Lyrica Anderson is reportedly done with the popular Mona Scott-Young franchise, and she’s quitting in the most public way possible.

Recently, the 29-year-old singer/songwriter took to her Instagram Stories to share exactly how she felt about her portrayal during this season, and we gather, she’s not happy.

See the post for yourself:

The post reads: “I hate when ppl play wit me. I will black out on a b*tch!!! This how so f*ckingggggg disrespectful!!! N these fake a** edits!! I def do nottttt see me coming back to this show!!! Everyone lies n plays u for a storyline even the workers!!! That’s why I’m blacked out this season!! So much bullsh*t that’s not shown how really goes down n I’m tired of the disrespect! Of course my 1st time experiencing this with the franchise but I’m done now that I’m aware!!” 

Yikes! We are not sure if Lyrica is completely dropping out of production but with a rant like this, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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