Here’s The Embarrassing Rumor About Why 21 Savage Broke Up With Amber Rose

  • July 20, 2018
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The mysterious case of the breakup between Amber Rose and Atlanta rap star 21 Savage still remains a cliffhanger even after Amber’s loving Instagram gesture for him and his suspected cold shoulder of a response.

A new disclosure from Celebrity Insider claims to have solved the mystery after a “source” allegedly shared with the site that Amber stepped out on their relationship with one of 21’s friends.

Celebrity Insider’s “insider” shared that the “X” rapper was stupefied when he found out, and that Amber was immediately regretful.

“Amber cheated on 21 with one of his friends,” the source allegedly shared. “She feels horrible about it. That’s why she’s still the one in love while 21 is over her.”

That might further explain the speculation behind the aforementioned dismissal of Amber’s lengthy love letter to him on Instagram in early May. Amber might have even tucked a response to the cheating scandal rumor somewhere in the message as well saying, “I don’t care who you see me in a picture with or who the Internet associates me with because the internet is fake af and they pull stories out of their a***s for click bait.”

Hopefully, Amber’s sentiment checks out as true. But in the meantime, let’s call a spade a spade, and a rumor just a rumor.  

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