Geri Halliwell Names Prince Charles

  • February 10, 2019
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Reunited with the heir to the British throne at a Prince’s Trust event, the Spice Girls member praises the 70-year-old royal for being a part of the girl band’s journey from the beginning.

AceShowbiz –
British royal Prince Charles is an honorary Spice Boy, according to Geri Horner (Geri Halliwell).

The pop star gushed about the heir to the British throne at a Prince’s Trust event in London on Thursday, February 07, insisting he will always be a big part of the Spice Girls’ story.

“He’s part of our heritage,” she said. “We consider him as a Spice Boy… He is part of the landscape of the Spice Girls, our journey. He was there from the beginning.”

Geri revealed she first met Charles at a Prince’s Trust event in 1997 and she is always happy to help him promote a cause.

“To see him just grow and shine, our future king, I just think it’s brilliant what he does and I really admire him as a representation of our country. I feel like we should be really proud of what he does. He’s a modern man, he’s a modern royal in everything he does. He has consciousness. He thinks about the world that we live in.”

Charles, who Geri hopes will attend at least one of the Spice Girls’ upcoming reunion concerts, founded The Prince’s Trust in the mid-1970s to help struggling youngsters.

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