• January 26, 2019
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Cast member Jordan Fisher reveals that playing Mark Cohen has been his dream since he was 14.

AceShowbiz –
It’s only days before “Rent (2019)” premieres on FOX. In order to build the anticipation, the cast members including Vanessa Hudgens and Jordan Fisher are sharing their excitement of the musical as well as their personal connection to the award-winning musical, of which the upcoming live production is based on.

Hudgens, who takes on the role of Maureen in the live musical, said to E! News, “I feel like I’ve been a Renthead for a while.” She continued, “I remember learning the play through doing it. And falling in love with the music through the fact that we’d be singing it over and over again.”

The “High School Musical” star went on explaining that she built the connection with the musical after she and her sister just constantly sang the songs. “It’s so exciting to come back to it and realize how the songs are still so ingrained into my brain that I have not forgotten them, that the messages still so real, so relevant, so strong. It’s just a wonderful story about community, which is something I feel is overlooked,” she shared.

As for Jordan, he revealed that Mark was his dream role when he was 14. “Literally manifested that,” the winner of “Dancing with the Stars” season 25 explained. “We were talking about pipe dreams and goals and I said, ‘I want to be the first Mark Cohen of color on Broadway, and here we are!’ ”

Also starring Brennin Hunt as Roger Davis, Tinashe as Mimi Marquez, Brandon Victor Dixon as Tom Collins, Valentina as Angel Dumott Schunard, Kiersey Clemons as Joanne Jefferson and Mario as Benjamin Coffin III, “Rent” is set to air on January 27 at 8 P.M. on FOX.

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