Fans Are Dragging This Rapper's Manager For His Thoughts On XXXTENTACION's Death…

  • June 27, 2018
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In the midst of debates regarding controversial Miami hip-hop artist XXXTENTACION’s shooting death, it’s apparent that not everyone is mourning the loss of the 20-year-old.

Wack 100, widely-known as Compton rapper The Game’s manager, happens to be one of those people. Despite backlash from X’s far-reaching, global fan base, he has his reasons, which he expressed in a post via Instagram.

As critics of the “Look At Me!” rapper have argued, the extent to which his history of alleged domestic violence went is disquietingly atrocious and negates his legacy as a praiseworthy rap idol and voice of the youth worth celebrating.

Wack 100’s post supports those sentiments, reminding the public of his allegedly heinous actions against his former girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, by way of his mugshot placed next to a picture of her battered face. In the photo, both of Ayala’s eyes are cringeworthily black-and-blue with a visibly broken vessel in the left one that’s caused a bloody red tint throughout her entire eyeball.

“For everyone who keeps putting up RIP for this guy…he was shot and killed & yes that’s sad,” Wack 100’s post reads, which appears to be a repost from someone else. “However he was also on trial for brutally beating the sh** out of his very pregnant girlfriend til she went blind in one eye. So no I can’t say this is one guy I will be giving an RIP for.”

Several commenters popped up with their gripes against Wack’s post, arguing that it’s riddled with hypocrisy and insensitivity for a slain rapper who was so young.

“N**ga he was 20 years old,” one user wrote. “I’m sure you did some bullsh** too. That’s some suck ash**. He can’t defend himself.”

Another Instagrammer condemned him for his lack of evidence against the abuse allegations, accusing him of partiality.

“N**ga wanna talk shit but have no evidence,” he wrote. “Bias a**hole thinking he can get off talking dumb. The only videos of x and geneva with any level of violence is when he was restraining her for the doctor when they had people checking her because of some health sh** that happened. Get your facts straight nigga.”

Others stood in agreement with Wack, though, as they pointed to their intolerance of abuse against women.

“A Wack..[a lot of] sh** i don’t agree with you speak about but this is right on point!” another commenter responded. “Men who put they hands on women are straight b**ches! Dead or f**kin’ alive! Street Rules still apply.. NO WOMEN AND CHILDREN …”

See his defense of why he refuses to share respects on X in the post below.

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