Evander Kane Claims 'Jane Doe' Must Reveal Real Name in Abortion Lawsuit

  • December 15, 2018
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Evander Kane

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Unmask My Abortion Accuser!

12/14/2018 10:03 AM PST


NHL star Evander Kane is calling out “Jane Doe” — claiming the woman accusing him of stiffing her out of $3 MILLION for aborting his child must reveal her REAL NAME if she’s gonna proceed with her lawsuit. 
TMZ Sports broke the story … the accuser filed a lawsuit against Kane claiming she’s been dating the 27-year-old on-and-off since 2015 and had 2 abortions during their relationship. 
But, in May 2018, the woman claims she got pregnant for the 3rd time — but decided she wanted to keep the baby. It wasn’t until Kane offered a $3 million check that she agreed to terminate. 
In her suit, Doe claims she went through with the procedure but Kane never ponied up the dough — so she sued. 
Kane has previously denied the allegations — and now he’s filed new legal docs asking the judge to throw out the case. 
In his papers, Kane argues that even if he did agree to the $3 million deal, it was made in a private, consensual sexual setting and the court has no authority to enforce it. 
He also argues that since he’s not accused of committing a crime, the accuser should not be able to hide behind an alias — and if the case moves forward, she should use her real name instead of Jane Doe. 
Kane’s strategy is obvious — if the judge forces her to reveal her name, Kane believes she would be more likely to drop the suit out of fear of embarrassment. 
The judge has yet to rule. 

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