Erykah Badu Set To Deliver Fenty Beauty Model Slick Woods’ Baby Boy

  • August 19, 2018
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Erykah Badu is pausing the music to step into the world of babies. Don’t worry, she’s not expecting. Surprisingly, she’s delivering them! This time, she’s assisting Fenty Beaty muse Slick Woods with the birth of her baby boy, Saphir, in September.

According to a 2015 interview with Sway, Badu has guided over 40 mothers through the birthing process. She’s been this guiding light since 2001 and was lovingly dubbed “Badoula.” All of her own children were also delivered at home, with the help of a doula, but there’s another reason she felt “aligned” to become certified.

In 2001, her best friend, Stic, of Dead Prez, and his wife, Afya, were in labor. The Baduizm soulstress rerouted her flight to Brooklyn and was there for Afya through the 52-hour labor. Badu had felt like “[she could] do this.” She considered herself “the welcoming committee for new spirits coming in.”

Woods chose Badu as her spiritual guide because she’s a “mommy role model.” Woods further explained in an interview with Elle UK, “[she’s] a mother I look up to, who kills her s*** and is a boss-a** b***h.” We couldn’t agree more! 

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