Eric Benet Says Music Biz Favors White R&B Singers Over Black Ones

  • August 8, 2018
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Eric Benet

R&B Music is Whitewashed …

It’s Elvis All Over Again!!!

8/8/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Fresh off his shot at rappers,¬†Eric Benet¬†says black R&B artists are getting shaded … by white singers and the music biz, in general, and he calls it a clear case of history repeating itself.
The singer was on Van Lathan’s ‘The Red Pill’ podcast when he broke down the current state of his genre. Eric says R&B’s still a big draw, but mostly when the songs don’t come from black singers.
While¬†Sam Smith¬†and Adele get the “genius” label, Eric says established black singers, like¬†Kenny Lattimore, don’t get nearly as much attention. He says it’s the same crap that’s been going on since¬†Elvis got more shine than his black peers.
Benet’s full of hot takes — he just ripped some hip-hop artists for promoting white supremacy through their lyrics. Fat Joe’s already fired back¬†on that one. Maybe Adele wants next?
Check out the full episode with Eric below, and catch ‘The Red Pill’ weekly on SoundCloud.

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