Ellen Page Opens Up About Past Depression Caused by Sexuality Speculations

  • January 23, 2019
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While she used to be anxious about being outed before she was ready, the ‘Juno’ star confesses that she now feels responsible to be transparent since she has access to therapists, security and support.

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Ellen Page battled depression as the speculation about her sexuality hit headlines.

The “Juno” star “came out” in 2014 and now reveals she struggled with the buzz about her sexuality in the media.

“When I was 20, someone wrote an article with the headline ‘The Ellen Page Sexuality Sweepstakes in the Village Voice: Is Juno a you know?'” the actress explains. “I never even touched a woman outside until I was 27. I was very depressed, and very anxious. I was not well.”

Ellen Page: ‘I’m not afraid to say the truth’ https://t.co/fIy0gZKumI

— The Guardian (@guardian) 20 January 2019

She’s glad no one outed her before she was ready, because she fears that would have had a devastating impact on her, but she now feels it is important to be open about sexuality because of the resources and support that are available.

“I have a responsibility to be out now, because I have these resources,” she tells The Guardian. “I can access therapists and security and support. But the reality is a lot of people can be in severely grave danger. I think, for instance, it would have been very harmful for me if someone had outed me earlier.”

Since opening up about her sexuality, Page has made it her mission to help spread awareness about the difficulties the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community goes through when opting to come out, and she has created a TV show, titled “Gaycation”, which showcases her travels chronicling what LGBTQ people go through in different countries.

“Filming, I felt sadness and anger, but mixed with the most powerful inspiring moments of absolute joy, and gratitude, to be in the presence not only of activists but individuals who are brave because they are themselves every day,” she says.

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