Donald Trump Shared A Fake Clip Of Joe Biden Playing N.W.A’s ‘F**k Tha Police’ At Political Event

  • September 18, 2020
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No, Joe Biden did not actually play “F**k tha Police,” at a political event earlier this week. It’s just Donald Trump up to his usual antics. 

Just after midnight on Wednesday (September 16), the president retweeted a 27-second video of Biden’s recent visit to Florida from the Twitter account of pro-Trump YouTube channel The United Spot, which describes itself as a parody and satire channel. “What is this all about?” he wrote in the caption.

The clip shows Biden reaching for his phone to share something with those in attendance at a political event. “I just have something to say,” Biden says while looking down at his phone. He then holds his phone up to the podium’s microphone and “F**k tha Police,” N.W.A.s infamous protest song, starts playing. The clip plays Ice Cube’s opening verse, uncensored, on the song denouncing police brutality against minorities because of their race.

Trump tweeted the doctored video again, later that same morning, this time writing, “China is drooling. They can’t believe this!” 

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The source clip comes from Biden’s trip to Florida ahead of the upcoming election on November 3. On Tuesday (September 15), he attended a Hispanic Heritage Month event to meet with voters, his first visit to the battleground state since being named as the Democratic presidential nominee, as noted by the Associated Press. 

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In the undoctored version, as Biden takes the podium following an introduction from Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi, he quips “I just have one thing to say” before whipping out his phone and playing “Despacito.” After playing a snippet of the song, Biden jokes, “I tell you what, if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation.” 

According to the Associated Press, the retweet is the latest effort by Trump to suggest Biden is anti-police.

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