Cyn Santana Reveals Her Sisters’ Elaborate Plot To ‘Convince’ Joe Budden To Propose

  • December 27, 2018
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It is now public knowledge that Love & Hip Hop stars Cyn Santana and Joe Budden are currently engaged to be married. However, with the moment just recently happening and filming for the reality series already concluded, the events leading up to the heartwarming gesture were recorded for the series.

Hence, that brings us to Cyn and her younger sisters hilariously concocting a plan to get Joe to pop the question.

In a clip for an upcoming episode of the VH1 reality series, Cyn and her sisters can be seen chopping it up in the dining room while Joe cleans up, around the house. It was during their exchange that she revealed where she and her man stood, at the time of filming.

“First comes love, then comes the baby, then comes marriage and the carriage,” she said after her sisters asked about the progress of her and Joe’s relationship.

“Like, it’s about time,” one of her sisters said, with one adding, “It was about time, what? Maybe a baby ago?”

After she suggested that her sisters sit down with Joe and give him a necessary push to pop the question, they all quickly began speaking in Spanish as he happened to enter the room, unexpectedly.

“Ask him about the ring,” she told her siblings in Spanish, as he walked away.

Watch the hilarious exchange that ultimately seemed to work in her favor, below:

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