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  • Colton Underwood Leaves During Cocktail Party After Big Fight Among Ladies

Colton Underwood Leaves During Cocktail Party After Big Fight Among Ladies

  • February 5, 2019
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Meanwhile, Colton and Cassie are getting a lot more intimate during their one-on-one date in Thailand.

AceShowbiz –
“The Bachelor” season 23 continued to feature Colton Underwood’s journey in finding the love of his life. In the episode, the hunk was enjoying some time together with the remaining 13 ladies in Thailand.

The first to have one-on-one date with the Bachelor was Heather, who was both anxious and anticipating the date. She was hoping she would get her first kiss ever with Colton.

The two kicked off their date by having a romantic day boating around to explore the country. They later had a more serious conversation during their dinner, in which Heather opened up about her previous relationship. Colton then gave her the rose before sharing a kiss with beautiful fireworks as the background.

Meanwhile, Elyse was in panic as she thought she got a little time with Colton. The fact that she would be having a group date alongside Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Hannah G. Katie and Nicole was not helping either. She then looked for Colton to share her feelings.

She poured her frustration to Colton, though she insisted that she wasn’t jealous or insecure. That made the latter confused, but he still tried to convince her that he was invested in their relationship. However, that didn’t work. At the end, she left the show prior to the group date because she thought the show’s system was just not for her.

In the group date, the ladies were tasked to use survival tips they were given to gather food and water in the jungle. During the night portion of the date, Hannah and Colton shared an emotional moment in which the former confessed that she’s starting to fall in love with him. Their moment, however, was interrupted by Onyeka who brought information about Nicole that she got from Elyse.

According to Elyse, Nicole used “The Bachelor” as an opportunity to get out of Miami. Worried, Colton approached Nicole to ask about the matter. Nicole denied the accusation and then she confronted Onyke for spreading the rumor about her. At the end of the group date, Colton gave the rose to Hannah B.

Later, it was time for one-on-one date for Cassie. The pair had an amazing chemistry as they spent their date by making out. Cassie and Colton’s physical connection apparently got the other girls worried. Meanwhile, Cassie and Colton got even more hot and heavy later that night. Colton unsurprisingly gave Cassie the rose at the end of their date.

Nicole told Colton at the cocktail party that she was on the show for the right reason. She denied the accusation that Onyeka made and also alleged that Onyeka had been bullying her throughout the show. Onyeka insisted that it was nothing but a lie. The night then saw the ladies bickering after Onyeka confronted Nicole over the bullying claims.

It was so bad that Colton tried to stop them. He left frustrated since the ladies ignored him and just continued their back and forth. The episode didn’t get to feature the rose ceremony as it ended with “To be Continued” written on the screen.

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