Ciara Wants to Force Future into Mediation Over Son's Travel Schedule

  • December 12, 2018
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Ciara & Future

We Can’t Hash Out Travel Schedule for Son …

We Need a Referee!!!


Ciara says she’s had it up to here trying to work out a new travel schedule with Future for their son, so she’s calling on a judge for backup.
According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ciara’s legal team is asking the court to force Future to enter mediation … so they can hammer out a new travel itinerary for 4-year-old Future Jr.
If the judge won’t force Daddy Future into mediation, Ciara wants a trial to settle the matter. 
As we reported … Ciara claims Future’s been terrible at keeping his daddy appointments — allegedly breaking scheduled visits fairly often — and tends to hand the kid off to the rapper’s mother or grandmother without spending much time with him.
Ciara also said the constant back-and-forth was weighing on their son, and it was important they figure a better schedule for the kid’s sake.
Her camp says they’ve been trying to figure this out without a judge stepping in, but to no avail.

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