Cardi B Is Fed TF Up: 'I’m Sick And Tired Of People Trying To Discredit Me'

  • August 31, 2018
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Cardi B took a break from her mommy and wifey duties to fire off a response to one hater spewing allegations that the Bronx baddie owes her success solely to her label. Many still chalk it up to her former reality TV star status, but despite countless methods of proving herself, she set the record straight.

Like all good rants, Bardi began her rant with “let me tell you something.” She detailed how she “was convinced [she’d] blow up quickly” after releasing “Lick, [Remix]” featuring hubby Offset from her second EP, Gangsta B***h Music, Vol. 2. Furthering her argument, Mrs. Cepheus explained how she had to beg Atlantic Records for airplay and they curtly told her, “If the song not it, it ain’t it.” Despite being “discouraged a** f**k,” she worked her butt off, and her hit “Bodak Yellow” made history in ways she never imagined. For example, the chart-topping single hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the second time in history that a female emcee has topped charts unaccompanied.

That was the catalyst herself and Atlantic needed to believe in her talent again. Her undeniable charting numbers and infectious bars are the reason for her success. Cardi reiterated the fact that support like hers can’t be bought, and “[she’s] sick and tired of people trying to [discredit her] and will not let nobody try to play or make [her] feel like [her success wasn’t earned.]”

Cardi, honestly, just had to remind y’all who TF she is. She is set to open the 2018 VMAs and currently has at least six double-platinum songs and at least 10 songs certified Gold. Check out her full commentary below.

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