Botched Patient Karla Turns to the Docs After a Bad Boob Job

  • January 31, 2019
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When in doubt, ask questions.On Wednesday’s all-new Botched, new patient Karla turned to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif after a trip to Colombia for a breast augmentation didn’t go according to plan. Per Karla, she traveled to South America for the cosmetic procedure at the advice of her cousin.During a consultation, the doctor at the time informed Karla that she’d need a lift along with her implants. Not realizing that this would be a far more invasive procedure, Karla awoke to her breasts covered in stitches and tape.”I started to panic and my mom’s like, ‘You didn’t ask questions?'” Karla explained in a confessional. “I’m like, ‘I did, but I didn’t know it was gonna be like this.’ I lied, I didn’t ask questions.”In the time following the surgery, Karla’s breasts became uneven, her nipples pointed down, the scars were noticeable and her areolas were comparable to “pepperoni.” Understandably, Karla hoped Dr. Dubrow would be able to right some of the damage done to her body.

“I’m definitely gonna make sure to ask questions this time,” Karla further relayed. “I feel like that was the biggest mistake I ever did was not to ask questions.”During the presentation of her case, Karla revealed to the doctors that she spent $2,800 on her initial surgery. This low price shocked the docs as in the U.S. silicone alone “is about $2,000.””When they say the term, ‘You get what you pay for,’ it really means ‘You really get what you paid for!'” the new patient remarked.After further detailing her situation, Dr. Dubrow hypothesized that Karla had encapsulated breasts and invited her into the exam room. Upon examining Karla’s breasts, Terry confirmed his hypothesis and presented a game plan for a revision.”You want implant removal, replacement, a revisional lift, release of the muscle, removal of some scar tissue—you want the whole shooting match, yeah?” Dr. Dubrow noted to Karla. “If you’re in, I’m in!”

On surgery day, Karla was absolutely glowing as she had recently gotten engaged…leaving Dr. Dubrow with more pressure to nail her revision. Since Dr. Dubrow was unable to perfectly match the inframammary crease, the Botched doc was forced to concede that “sometimes good is good enough.”Thankfully, Karla thought Dr. Dubrow did a great job as she decided to invite him (and a plus one) to her wedding.”My breasts used to look very uneven,” Karla stated post-surgery. “One was up by my collarbone and the other one was lower. Now they look perfect, I can’t wait to literally just show them off!”Karla wasn’t the only happy patient as tennis fan Jim also had a successful encounter with the Botched doctors.

As explained by Jim in a confessional, his late dog Zeus attacked his nose after being startled one morning.”I leaned in to kiss Zeus goodbye and he startled and I felt blood,” Jim shared to the Botched camera. “When I got up and I looked in the mirror, I realized that he had just taken a whole chunk of my nose off. I screamed, ‘Call 911!'”Sadly, the dramatic scene only worsened as Jim underwent an unsuccessful reattachment surgery and required a cheek flap procedure. Of course, Jim was eager to meet with Dr. Nassif to see if the famed plastic surgeon could restore shape and function to his nose.Although, Jim made his case more difficult by revealing he wanted nothing to do with a forehead flap surgery. Since Jim vocalized an objection to another flap procedure, Dr. Nassif suggested they try using a composite graft.

While Jim was eager to try this strategy for his nasal reconstruction, Dr. Nassif warned that they may need to do a forehead flap if the graft failed. “Even though there’s more risk with a composite graft, I think that’s the way to go for me,” Jim expressed later on.Due to the difficult nature of the case, Dr. Nassif decided to try something a little different in the operating room. Rather than placing the composite graft horizontally, the doctor placed it vertically inside the internal lining of Jim’s airway.Though Dr. Nassif felt “mentally exhausted” after the extensive surgery, he felt the patient’s nose looked “pretty good” thanks to his work…and he wasn’t the only one!”Now thanks to Dr. Nassif, my nose is straight and there’s been some closure with this whole ordeal,” Jim concluded. “For not only me, but for my wife Marlene and my son Andrew.”See everything that went down on this week’s episode, including plastic surgery enthusiast Tina’s quest for a massive chest, in the recap video above!

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