'Black Panther' Just Eclipsed A Milestone Only Two Other American Films Have Ever Reached

  • August 23, 2018
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Black Panther just hit another milestone; one that only two movies have ever hit.


The Marvel film is still in select theaters after debuting back in February, and, according to Deadline, BP is expected to cross the $700 million mark at the domestic box office before it departs from all theaters.

The only other films to cross the extremely impressive figure are Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In comparison to similar movies, BP has surpassed Avengers: Infinity War within the United States.

As for Black Panther becoming a possible series, it’s still uncertain whether Marvel will create a sequel, however, numerous cast members have expressed an interest in creating a new movie.

Worldwide, Black Panther has already grossed over $1 billion. It also dethroned Titanic to become the No. 3 highest-earning movie in the country, according to Forbes.


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