Big Boy Attacked Drunk Driver, Shocked He Was A Prosecutor

  • August 23, 2018
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Big Boy

I Attacked Drunk Driver Who Hit Me

And He’s a Prosecutor!??!

8/22/2018 2:50 PM PDT


Big Boy says he was THIS close to laying the smackdown on the EXTREMELY drunk driver who rear-ended him in Calabasas.
The legendary radio DJ tells us … he was SHOCKED to learn the man who smashed into his ride Tuesday was a prosecutor on leave with the L.A. County D.A.’s Office. 
Big Boy says he tried to attack the drunk driver, Michael Pettersen, before cameras and police arrived … but he was held back by his friend as cooler heads prevailed. 
The video is wild … Big Boy says he was in disbelief when the driver took a pull from a VODKA BOTTLE after a half-hearted sorry while still in the driver’s seat. 

The unbelievable scene unfolded Tuesday afternoon … when a BMW barreled into the back of Big Boy’s Nissan Armada. When cops finally got the drunk driver out of his car, his pants fell down … and he hit the ground next. 
Big Boy says it’s fortunate no one was seriously injured … ’cause the crash occurred near an elementary school.

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