Beyoncé Gets Help From Emergency Rescuers After Being Trapped On Floating Stage

  • July 6, 2018
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As the saying goes, it can get lonely at the top sometimes, as music royalty and worldwide megastar Beyoncé would be able to tell you.

It can get a little dangerous up there, too, which she’d also be to attest to after the Queen Bey found herself stuck atop a stage structure at the Warsaw stop of her On The Run 2 tour.

Several fan footages show Bey coordinating with stage hands from the top of the floating stage after they rushed an emergency ladder over to her.

According to Huffington Post, the stage malfunction occurred toward the end of the concert when the aerial stage kept her trapped with no way to get down off of it. Of course, the Queen handled it calmly, as videos from the incident shows her carefully maneuvering while several stage handlers assisted her down the ladder. Thankfully, she makes her way safely down the platform and struts away from the area unscathed. Viewers can even hear Jay-Z, her rap star husband and co-headliner for the tour, from another part of the stage cheering her on with the rest of chanting fans.

The site adds that the floating stage is the show’s finale, where she ascends across the stadium to kiss and wave fans goodbye.  

Ain’t nothing to a boss!

See a video of the Queen Bey’s safe stage rescue below.  

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