Atlantic Records' New Lady Of Rap Bri Steves Works Hard And Plays Harder

  • November 8, 2018
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After sharing a stage with Kendrick Lamar at the 2018 Made In America festival back on her Philadelphia stomping grounds, rising rap talent Bri Steves is now hitting the road for her first tour ever on Atlantic Records’ Access Granted: HBCU Tour.

The 16-college campus excursion with her Atlantic Records label mates is familiar territory for her too, considering that the 23-year-old emerges onto the music scene as a Temple University grad herself. A Klein College of Media and Communication degree-holder, the “Late Night” rapper’s presence among graduation-bound college students is especially crucial as she connects with them both on and off the stage.

Bri takes each performance as an opportunity to improve from the last, as she explains a slight stage blunder that happened when she accidentally missed her cue to come on stage due to everything going on around her.

Nonetheless, the Philly femcee killed the performance and spends ample time in rehearsal tying up loose ends to go even harder for the next show. In her experience thus far, Bri expresses her gratitude to not only be touring, but to do so alongside artists K’Ron, RecoHavoc and Ayanis as they grow together as label family. Now that Bri finally has her chance to release her art to the world, something she admits isn’t always the easiest thing to do, things are only looking up from here!

“Oct 26, 2018:

So far touring has been amazing. Being a part of Atlantic’s Access Granted tour is a huge highlight for my career, mostly because it’s my first time hitting the road! I can’t believe how many like-minded people I’ve met already that are still working towards their degree and want to pursue music like I was trying to a year prior at Temple University. It means a lot to be able to lead by example at each college we’ve touched so far and give motivation to students who need a push to keep going at whatever their passion is. 

I’m so grateful to be on this journey with three super talented artists, we are all growing so much and developing like a big Atlantic family. All the fans and love that’s being received throughout this process just reaffirms that I choose the right career. It’s not always easy sharing your art with the world and I’m extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of a tour that lets me flourish and do just that.



Written by Diamond Alexis

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