Anson Mount Describes Shock From Securing Captain Pike Role on

  • January 20, 2019
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Being a fan of the hit TV franchise, the former ‘Hell On Wheels’ star admits he finds it surreal that he gets to portray Captain Christopher Pike in the second season of the series.

AceShowbiz –
Actor Anson Mount is living out his childhood dream after scoring the role of Captain Christopher Pike in “Star Trek: Discovery”.

The star, who played Britney Spears’ boyfriend in 2002 film “Crossroads”, made his official debut in the TV role on Thursday, January 17, and he explains he was initially shocked when he learned he was portraying Pike, because he did not know which part he was up for.

“It wasn’t the usual, ‘You got the job!’ because I didn’t know which role I was auditioning for,” he tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight. “I knew it was for a captain, but I didn’t know it was for Pike. As a ‘Star Trek’ fan, it was sort of a double shock – a good shock and a tremendous sense of responsibility. But yeah, it was surreal. It was surreal every day I walked on the set.”

Mount began watching the “Star Trek” series as a kid with his mum and he insists he would have never imagined he’d be starring in one of the TV franchises as the character who has been played by Bruce Greenwood on film.

“There are these moments that you’ll have as an actor sometimes, in front of a large audience onstage, where suddenly your mind will go, ‘I cannot believe what I’m doing right now,’ ” he says. ” ‘I cannot believe where I am.’ It was a little like that, but even more so. It was almost like you had been sitting in the audience for a really long time and somehow you get sucked into the screen… Like, ‘What just happened?’ ”

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