50 Cent Is Being Investigated By NYPD, But Here's His Hilarious Conspiracy Explaining Why

  • July 20, 2018
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50 Cent’s “get the strap” Instagram tagline has reportedly placed him on NYPD’s radar after being mistaken as a threat, according to Page Six.

But in typical Fif fashion, the New York hip-hop and business mogul is somewhere doubled over in laughter about the reported investigation from his now-deleted Instagram post.

The post in question exposed the news of Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez’s corruptive police behavior involving shaking down nightclub owner Imran Jairam for favors, like free round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico.

Fif threw in his aforementioned catchphrase at the end of his comment about Gonzalez’s case, leading police to believe that his “strap” reference, street slang for a gun, posed an actual threat to the deputy. The site adds that police are pursuing a misdemeanor aggravated harassment charge in the investigation, as far as a NYPD spokesperson allegedly stated.

Of course, 50’s legal team has their defense ducks lined up as well, arguing that the phrase is a “playful” jibe often used by the Power executive.

“’Get The Strap’ is a playful phrase used by Mr. Jackson to punctuate absurd and outrageous situations,” Amanda K. Ruisi, one of Fif’s reps, reportedly rebutted.

Fif apparently wanted to demonstrate what she meant with a follow-up post about the alleged investigation reported by Page Six with the same catchphrase that landed him in trouble in the first place. According to him, the only thing NYPD has to investigate is Fif’s swag, anyway.

“Oh sh**,” he wrote. “Get the strap. LOL. They investigating my drip, I got to much sauce.”

Raise of hands for everyone who could only wish to be as unbothered as Mr. Curtis Jackson someday.

See his response to the investigation reports below.

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